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  • Child Preacher's Festival

    Announced by Webster Silungwe on Jun 17 2013

    Child Preacher's program for South Zambia Conference starts on Friday, 21st June 2013, at Dambwa Main Church in Livingstone. Lodging and feeding will be done at Maranatha Adventist School which is based on the grounds of Dambwa Main Church. Each participant is required to pay K20.00 only, for food and accomodation. 70 young preachers are expected attend this special program which will be covered by the MUVI TV. 

  • Child Preacher's Program

    Announced by Webster Silungwe on Jun 11 2013

  • Elders meeting

    Announced by Anonymous on Apr 18 2013

    All saving elders to attend. Eeach to come with a KR 100 for lodging, food will be provided. The venuue will be choma central church. Facilitators ZBUC ministerial secretary; by ministerial szc.


    Announced by Anonymous on Apr 05 2013

    Download the reports from from the website downloads at: https://southzambiaconference.adventisthost.org/downloads

  • Trust fund remittance

    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 29 2013



    This serves to inform you that all trust funds for the peoid Jan to may 2013 should be remitted  to the office by 31 may 2013.This will help us analyse the information and present the financial information which will reflect the true affairs of the conference .

    We thank sincerely for the co-operation .

    My God bless you



    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 29 2013

    All Pastors are required to work with church clerks and make sure that all names are posted/ uploaded to Church Membership System by June monthend. All the rural churches that do not have access to internet services should continue bringing the filled in forms to the office until end of december 2013. As for all town churches, you are required to upload the names of local church membership without fail. Please let us be committed to this timely exercise.

  • Zbuc Education Director visit to SZC for schools inspection

    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 29 2013

    The Zbuc Education Director will be visiting our grant aided schools for inspection.all schools are therefore requested to be ready for him.prepare all necessary documents.

  • Child Preacher's Festival

    Announced by Webster Silungwe on Mar 29 2013

    The second Child Preacher's Festival for South Zambia Conference will be held held in Livingstone, at Dambwa Main SDA Church, from 22nd to 23rd June 2013. All Mission Districts in SZC are expected to send two of their best child preachers to be featured there in the preaching exercise. Each of the young preachers will have to be in either Pathfinder or Adventurer uniforms- according to their ages. Furthermore, each of the participants will have to take KR20, for feeding and accommodation. Remember also to take with you eating utensils and beddings. The venue for lodging is Maranatha Adventist School which is situated at Dambwa Main Church plot.

  • World Youth Congress

    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 28 2013

    The Third World Youth Congress will take place in Pretoria, South Africa from 7th to 13th July 2013. All participacipants are expected to pay US$400 for accommodation, meals, insurance, one day tour and Conference hall by 15th March, 2013. The venue for the Congress is St George Hotel in Pretoria.

    Please contact the South Zambia Conference Youth Director Pastor, Silungwe.

  • Stewardship evaluation meeting Kalomo

    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 28 2013

  • Local Church Crusades

    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 28 2013

    This is  to remind you all that in South Zambia Conference the month of May this year has been designated for local church evangelistic efforts. We trust that plans are underway in all churches to make this a big reaping month for the master. Our pastors are encouraged to stay in their districts throughout the month to supervise the harvest. We look forward to thrilling reports of what the Lord intends to accomplish through you!

  • Education Report Form

    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 28 2013

    The Revised Education Quartely report form will be sent to all district pastors by 2013-04-15.Please you can access it through our website under downloald.

  • Ambassadors' Camp

    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 28 2013

    Ambassadors' Camp  will be in Magoye Mission District,Chitongo Area from 14-20 April. All interested senior youths should attend.Camp Fee is Kr15.

  • Youth Alive Conference

    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 28 2013

    Each Mission District is encouraged to send at least one delegate. The meeting shall be held at Rusangu Secondary School from 22nd April 2013 to 28th April 2013. Each participant is required to pay a participation fee of KR200 and should bring along beddings and eating utensils.

  • Ambassadors' Camp

    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 28 2013

  • Music Camp meeting

    Announced by Anonymous on Mar 28 2013

    There will a Music Camp meeting in Choma at the camp site from 15-21 September.

  • South Zambia Conference Childrens's Ministries Leadership Serminar

    Announced by Anonymous on Oct 31 2012

    You are all invited to attend a childrens's Ministries leadership certification  serminar for the conference,which shall be held from 15th to 21st april 2013.

    Fees are k200.000 per Distrct, then come with your own food.

    To attend are all leaders and children from 9-14 years old.



  • SZC Dorcas Rally

    Announced by Webster Silungwe on Sep 04 2012

    There will be a Dorcas Rally in Namwala Mission District from September 20, 2012 to September 27, 2012 at Nachibanga farm. Registration fee is K100,000.00 God bless you as you prepare to attend this important meeting.


    SZC Secretariat

  • Aounting of Chrch Members Twice Every Month

    Announced by Anonymous on Jul 31 2012

    To alll District Pastors in South Zambia Conference

    I wish to remind you that during this second quarter you make sure that Churches count members who are present twice. That is begining of augst and second week of august.

  • SZC Youth Camp

    Announced by Webster Silungwe on Jul 26 2012

    There will be a Youth Camp for Leadership Training involving all senior youths in South Zambia Conference to be held in Livingstone West Mission District from 23rd to 29th December 2012. The camp fee for each participant is only K100 000. Deadline for the payment of fees is 23rd November 2012. Please take note of this important announcement and disseminate to all stakeholders

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