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Adventist Review

Local Church Apologizes Publicly to its Pastors

The Griffith church acknowledges poor treatment of ministers

Adventists Run to Help After Deadly Earthquake in Mexico

No loss of life among members reported so far.

Preparation Continues for New Sabbath School Lessons

Children and youth Bible study guides scheduled for release in January 2019

The Bible Says


Faithful Dogs?

My dog is faithful. He is always glad to see me. He wags his tail and follows me around when I’m ...


Golden Rule

While in the Marine Corps, I spent some time in Africa conducting missions in support of Operatio...

Dear God


Time For School

Dear God: School has started. Today I pray Your very special blessing on all educational institut...


Sometimes I Doubt

Dear God: I was hit with a surging wave of doubt today. About You. Please forgive me, but I’m som...

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